Online business presence is key in today’s business environment. IMEK has a unique team of experts that will assist you not only in planning your project but also in implementing the strategy.

After a careful understanding of our clients’ products, services and market-niche, we apply innovative Process Mapping techniques to design and develop the proper support tools and technology needed to make the business operate efficiently.

Our Result-Oriented Consulting Services Include:
  • Website design and development
  • Management of online stores, including payment processing
  • Business planning and mapping of operational processes
  • Development of web-based tools for operations and performance management

Website Design and Support
IMEK assisted with strategic planning and marketing and trained this young entrepreneur in financial management.

Order Fulfillment
IMEK worked closely with this Detroit-based business to carefully plan and manage its product ordering process. IMEK currently provides warehousing and order fulfillment for Niyah’s annual calendars.