IMEK provides full service door-to-door shipping services to locations in Eastern-Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Anything from barrels and full-sized containers to vehicles and large-sized equipment.

In addition, our door-to-door freight-forwarding service can help you in shipping cargo containers to locations world-wide.

Packing Guidelines:
  1. Sort items according to type, e.g., canned, bottled or dry goods, clothing, shoes, bath soaps and detergents. This will give you a better idea of the quantity of goods and the priority with which you need to pack them, especially fragile items. Send products packaged in plastic rather than glass.
  2. Pack the more secure canned goods first, then heavy items such as rice, sugar, flour and soap powder – each securely wrapped in 2 or 3 plastic bags.
  3. Fragile items require extra care. Wrap all bottles with tape, inside 2 or 3 plastic bags before placing in the container. Then surround them with tissue paper, clothes, shoes or other soft items to give extra cushion.
  4. Pack perfumed items such as bath soaps, close to the top and away from dry goods, so they do not acquire the scent. Place clothing at the top of the barrel, preferably wrapped in 2 or 3 plastic bags to prevent damage from any possible spillage.
  5. Use locks on your containers, when possible